I want Wednesday……

This wednesday I want – To be a pushchair tester!


When Baby boy was cooking I didnt really get the whole “pushchair/buggy” thing. We bought a cheap but practical pushchair that was within our price range.

How I wish we had known how many different types were out there! While on facebook I found a website called Pushchair Trader (www.pushchairtrader.co.uk), this is a website that helps you sell you beloved pushchair or even swap it  for something you will love at least a little bit more. A while ago they posted a message on their facebook page saying that they were starting a new venture and they were looking for people to help them.

“I’m a helpful person”, I thought and promptly sent an email explaining what skills I could use to be the best “Secret Agent”.

The email contained the following words – Moustache, combat, gaffer tape and newspaper. It wasnt pretty but it worked!

Anyway, as a Secret Agent, we were posted missions to complete like testing the new website (they now sell new pushchair accessories), suggesting items to stock and of course telling all our friends about them.  The accessory section is now up and running and has so many amazing things on it that you never even knew you needed and I am proud that I helped in my own little way. I have even been know to recommend them to people in the queue at M&S!

Another thing you should know about PT is that they have competitions on all the time. Massive ones. How about a brand new Mamas & Papas Mylo in your choice of colours or a Cosatto buggy?

Starting on the 1st December, PT will be giving away 25 pushchairs. One for each day leading up to Christmas. Brands confirmed so far are Mima, Joolz, Bugaboo & Phil and Teds. All you have to do to enter their competitions is go to the website and click enter. Simple. One entry per person.

Unless you are a VIP……… Pay £10 (just 19p a week) for a year of VIP membership. This will give you 10  automatic entries into EVERY competition for the whole year as well as discounts off selected companies. As well as all that, you will have the option to register as a pushchair tester (dream job anyone?).

I’m VIP – Are you?



The job I will never get!

Welln how do I start this? – have been looking for a temporary christmas jobM just tot tide me over until my new job starts in Jan. Applied online for M&S. Got myself all ready today, turned up early, as you do.


I turned up a day early.

I am now sat in their staff room looking like a lonely freak waiting to see if anyone will still be able to see me.
I feel so stupid! Oh well, if all else fails I have 2 assessments arranged for Boots.

3 for 2 anyone?

The perfect Christmas present….

I feel like after that title I should be saying World Peace or an end to prejudice but I am just so excited.

Look what I have discovered!

I am absolutely in awe of the genius of who came up with the idea for these. I will definitley be investing in a pair of these for myself and possibly an extra pair as a present for someone else for Christmas.

It gets better, if I buy them this month I will get free Bubba Mitts.

Find them at www.mummymitts.com

Review to follow.


The slow toy movement

What happened to the rocking horse, the educational abacus, the classic wooden toy, the much loved train set or the ever so tradition Jack in a box? Why do the toys of today require multi coloured plastic structures, countless functions and noises going off left right and centre?


This was part of an email sent to me today asking me to become involved in campaigning for a new “slow toy” movement. What better time to do this then when the predicted best selling toy for this christmas is a Defecating Plastic Canine?

Teh company leading the campaign are called ASOBI and are a wholesaler of Eco toys. Hmmm – this definitley helps them doesnt it. Well yeah, but it also helps us. What happens Christmas day when you have 37 toys dotted around your lounge in various states of unpacking that still need batteries (I am not the only who forgets them, am I?)?

Nothing. Unless you have bought any Slow toys.

Just have a little think about it next time you are looking for presents… not only will you be helping the environment but you children might learn something – Like how to use their imagination!

Part of the challenge for ASOBI was to suggest 12 slow toys.

The theme for mine is the 12 days of christmas.

Day 1. A partridge in a pear tree. How about something like this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dolls-House-Emporium-Pear-Farmhouse/dp/product-description/B00062RWJ4/ref=dp_proddesc_0?ie=UTF8&n=468292&s=kids

Day 2. Two Turtle Doves. Maybe something like these cuties. http://www.inhabitots.com/earthentree-toys/

Day 3. Three French Hens. Not french but look at this site for a good selcetion of slow toys. http://www.thelittlehencompany.com/

Day 4. Four Calling Birds. Anyone bored of the birds yet? Watch this video for ideas of games to play with feathers. http://www.ehow.com/video_2381381_make-feather-memory-game.html

Day 5. FIVE GOOOOOLD RINGS. Got a bit excited there. Sorry. Anyway, Maybe not gold but even so. http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/ubergames/product/quoits

Day 6.  Six Geese a laying. Not sure I would want six.http://www.amazon.co.uk/ECOCHUMS-Natural-Superwashed-Stuffed-Goose/dp/B000W73FYE  Actually, six with different coloured ribbons and name tags. Very cute.

Day 7.  Seven Swans a swimming. Wooden and educational. Perfect! http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000640U8W/ref=asc_df_B000640U8W5085819?smid=A2APPHL5TUUJ0P&tag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22218&creativeASIN=B000640U8W

Day 8. Eight Maids a milking. How about teaching you little one to knit? Or Knitting them a toy for lets pretend games? How about one of these? http://www.reallyecobaby.co.uk/ourshop/prod_1640454-Large-Fair-Trade-Cow.html

Day 9. Nine Ladies dancing. I dont need a link for this. Have a dance off at home. Healthy, fun and free!

Day 10. Ten Lords a leaping. Get your little lords and ladies leaping with a retro and totally eco Skipping rope. http://www.dotcomgiftshop.com/traditional-wooden-skipping-rope

Nearly there! Anyone left?

Day 11. Eleven pipers piping. Music counts. http://www.bigjigstoys.co.uk/wooden-music-set.html 

Day 12. Twelve Drummers drumming. one of these would be great. http://www.kidsrooms.co.uk/detail.aspx?CI_ID=1526&?utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=shopping_comparison&utm_campaign=krfroogle or, just get a load of pots and pans out and make some sweet sweet music! (or not!)

Have fun and dont forget the slow toy movement when you do your seasonal shopping.


Out with the girls

Tonight I’m out for tea with some friends. It is an unusual occurence as we don’t manage to get out very often (I don’t anyway!).
These friends are mums I met through antenatal classes and baby groups at the local surestart centre and they are all what I would class as very good friends. There is a group of us, 7 or 8 that always try to make the effort to keep in touch and meet up with the babies when possible. One of them is even Lucas’ childminder!
Tonight though there is only 3 of us, but that’s ok because we will still have plenty of catching up to do!
Advice to anyone about to have a baby- do as many classes with baby as you can, you will get adult company and probably come out of it with friends for life, like I have.

What a load of…….


Last night we went to Blackpool to take Lucas to see the lights.
Isn’t it funny how different things can be remembered. Both the hubby and I definitley remember the lights being “amazing”. I have memories of disney princesses, Thomas the tank engine and tellytubbies, yet all we saw were tiaras, jelly monsters (?), scrolls and pop art style pics of random people.

Considering Blackpool has recently spent so much money on rejuvenation, it seemed the lights were built from other years left overs and no thought was put into what people actually want to see.
The illuminations are the reason Blackpool’s season doesn’t end in September like most other seaside resorts, its a pity they aren’t a better spectacle.

Making Contact

Blogs are like friends – the longer you don’t talk to them, the harder it is to just turn up and say hi.
So, sorry for the silence. Anyway, there’s enough mindless drivel on the internet without me adding my tuppence worth.
So, Wedding was beautiful, party at home went well and I have vowed never to go to Italy with a child ever again!
Lots of stuff happening in my little life at the moment, hopefully it will all turn out the way I am hoping – will fill yall in as and when things develop!
Just watching “Finding Emo” with the baby at the moment. Even Lucas is fed up of me saying all the words before they are said on the screen, in his words- “stop mummay!”

Nemo is actually a clever little cartoon, there’s so many hidden jokes in it – you seem to notice them after seeing it about 80 times (no exaggeration)!
Dory is my inspiration for today. If anything bad happens, ill just forget it.

Just keep swimmin, just keep swimmin, just keep swimmin, swimmin, swimmin.

Catching up…..


I have been pretty quiet this week.

Firstly, because of the madness that a child’s Birthday party brings.

Secondly, because we go on holiday in 41 hours and I am awful at packing for myself.

Thirdly, because wordpress for Blackberry is absolute bumhole.  I have written 2 separate posts but they have been lost as I got to the end of them… thus pissing me off enough that I didn’t bother rewriting.

I have some exciting stuff coming up. Small Steps Magazine have asked me to write a guest blog for them on travelling with a toddler. Should be fun… I am taking laptop with me so should be able to keep up to date, rather than doing it all when I get home!

I have also been asked to test some toys/board games for a company called Tactic. When the games arrive, I am going to have a family games night and review the games for them.

Lucas got some many cards and gifts for his birthday that I was truly overwhelmed and spent most of the evening before his birthday looking at the huge pile of presents on the living room floor and feeling very blessed. Please don’t take that in a materialistic way, more of a “wow, a lot of people think enough of my son and us as a family to go to this trouble”. We had the party at Acorn Farm last weekend and was brilliant, the weather was amazing (despite me worrying), the children all fed the animals and then the older children had a horse ride while the younger ones went into the petting zoo for a private session.

My Toy Story alien cake pops went down a treat as did the party bags and balloons that we gave out at the end of the afternoon and Lucas came back extremely tired (result!).

So today, today Lucas got up at 5.15am. In a way preempting what I was planning to do tomorrow to ensure an early night. So now he is asleep standing up and I have to be at the hairdressers by 12.30.

Anyway, off to the hairdressers for me. Dont worry, Hubby is home.



Well, it is Baby Boy’s 2nd birthday on Tuesday and as usual I am trying to be super organised.

His “cheaper and easier option” party is tomorrow and is proving not to be cheaper or easier! We are hiring the party room at a local urban farm and just having kids and accompanying adults. Last year we had my brothers wedding the day before and ended up with lucas’ party as a sort of after party for it. We really didn’t want that this year!

Anyway, at the moment I have pincurls in (its a scouse thing that girls are dressed up even for kids parties) and am nursing my poor feet. I have been shopping and slaving over a hot stove all day today.
All in all we have a hectic 8 days now on the countdown to the wedding/holiday of the year and I can’t wait.

And it doesn’t matter how much I prepare for the party or for holiday, the weather is uncontrollable.

I’m glad the wedding is someplace hotter, and tomorrow????

Ill just wear my wellies.